Canon Fact Sheet

Corporate Background

  • Canon Inc. was founded in 1937. Canon Europe was established twenty years later in 1957

  • Canon Inc. employs approximately 194,000 people worldwide. Canon Europe employs 17,000 people across 20 local country operations in the EMEA region

  • Canon’s consolidated net sales for Canon Inc. for second quarter of fiscal 2014 were ¥926.8 billion (US $9.2 billion or €6.7 billion).   
    Dollar and euro amounts are translated solely for the convenience of the reader from yen at the rate of JPY 101 = US $1 and JPY 138 = 1 euro for Q2 2014 figures, the approximate exchange rate on the Tokyo Foreign Exchange market as of June 30 2014.

  • Canon Inc. remained profitable in second quarter of fiscal 2014 with a net income of ¥80.8 billion (US $800.5 million or €585 million).

  • Canon Europe contributes approximately a third of the company’s global revenue, selling to customers in more than 116 countries and regions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

  • Canon’s first European manufacturing site, Canon Giessen GmbH, was established in Germany in 1972

  • Canon’s corporate philosophy is encapsulated in the word Kyosei, meaning living and working together for the common good


  • Canon’s Brand Promise is to help people realise the Power of Image

  • The European Brand Strapline, You Can, was launched in 2002 and is designed to inspire and encourage customers to realise the Power of Image

  • Canon was ranked 35th in Interbrand’s 100 Best Global Brands 2013 survey and 26th in Interbrand's Best Global Green Brands 2014 survey

  • Canon has also been awarded Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Camera Brand in Europe for 14 consecutive years

  • Canon was ranked 6th in the Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies 2014 Industry ranking (‘Computers’ category)


Canon’s commitment to sustainability is focused in three key areas: Business, Environment and Society. Canon EMEA signed up to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in January 2014 to demonstrate and formalise our ongoing commitment to human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption.


  • Canon looks for opportunities to support its customers, so they improve their business efficiency, develop and become more successful and lower their environmental impacts, by offering services and solutions to address their business needs

  • Canon grows its own business responsibly, supporting wider economic growth, operating fairly and complying with regulations and standards

  • All employees are bound by the Canon Group code of conduct which covers areas such as anti-bullying, fair competition and corporate ethics

  • Environment:

    • Canon reduces the environmental impact of its products throughout their lifecycle from design to end of life, and of our own operations

    • Canon has achieved global certification to ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management systems; 191 sites in 25 countries in EMEA are certified.  Since 2012, Canon has registered no non-conformities in EMEA audits

    • Progress in 2013 against Canon’s EMEA environmental targets was as follows:

      • Reduce EMEA carbon footprint by 15% vs turnover by 2020*:     -7% vs 2010

      • Recycle 52% of waste at EMEA offices by 2014*: 50% achieved in 2013

      • Recycle 85% of waste at Canon EMEA warehouses by 2014*: 83% achieved in 2013

      • Grow volume of certified and recycled paper grades to 75% of paper turnover by 2014*: 86% achieved in 2013

      • Improve transport carbon efficiency by 2% vs 2012 net sales: Target not met (due to changes to the mix of product categories and volumes shipped, together with additional associated drayage) *compared to Canon combined baseline in 2010

        • Canon products are highly energy efficient and many qualify for the EU ENERGY STAR® Programme
      • Canon started the world’s first laser toner cartridge recycling programme in 1990. We operate both laser and inkjet cartridge recycling schemes in Europe

      • Canon is a founding signatory to an EU voluntary agreement (VA) on improving the environmental performance of imaging equipment, with commitments on reducing energy & paper, and consumables’ end of life treatment options. In 2013, the European Commission endorsed the VA as equivalent to binding regulation


      • Canon believes that a sustainable business interacts with the communities where it operates, promoting wider economic growth and integrating the interests of society with consideration for the environment. We make a positive contribution to society, engaging with communities and stakeholders wherever we operate and respecting our ethical obligations

      • Canon supports employees by clearly outlining what is expected of them, appraising their performance and developing their skills and career opportunities within the company

    Technology & Innovation

    • Canon’s Imaging Engines were created by integrating a series of technologies developed throughout Canon’s history. They are the core technologies in all of Canon’s current products:

      • Image Capture Engine – High resolution and high image quality for lens, sensor and image processing technologies

      • Electrophotography Engine – Electrophotography technology is at the heart of laser beam printers and copying machines that have been rated as the best in the world

      • Inkjet Engine – Capable of delivering mircroscopic ink droplets as small as one picolitre (one-trillionth of a litre), making even DNA chip fabrication possible

      • Photolithography Engine – Canon’s semiconductor exposure technology integrates the ultimate in optical and ultraprecision positioning technologies

      • Display Engine – Next generation flat screen display technology delivers large screen, high quality images with low power consumption

    • Canon to maintain its position as the No.1 manufacturer of DSLRs

    • Canon was the inventor of the Bubble Jet method of inkjet printing and introduced the industry’s first cartridge-type copying machine


    • Canon Europe’s current sponsorship portfolio spans a broad range of social, cultural and sporting areas including but not limited to:

      • Official Sponsor of London Fashion Week and Weekend; Principle sponsor of Milan Fashion Week and Key Sponsor of Paris Fashion Week

      • Official Imaging Partner of British Fashion Council

      • Official Supplier of Imaging Solutions to the 2014 Ryder Cup

      • Principal Partner of the Berlinale Talent Campus

      • Worldwide Partner of World Press Photo

      • Visa Pour L’Image – photojournalism festival

      • Corporate Sponsor of London Symphony Orchestra

      • Conservation Imaging Partner of WWF

      • Official Partner of the IAAF World Athletics Series*

      • ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships 2013, and the ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2013*

      • Canon Pro Golf Series

    *CINC sponsorships

    Research and Development

    • In fiscal 2013, the Company invested ¥306.3 billion in R&D, accounting for more than 8% of sales

    • In 2013, the Company was granted 3,825 patents * in the United States, placing it third among all corporations

    • Canon has ranked among the top 5 U.S patent recipients for 28 consecutive years

    *Source: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; Calculated based upon announcements of weekly totals.